Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Then there were 9! Introducing our newest grandchild-Katelyn May. Katelyn is the third child of our daughter Rachael and her husband Ben-she is sister of Elijah and Thomas.

Born on Thursday May 7th ( a little early), she weighed in at a healthy 7lb 6oz-which by our normal family birth weights is quite teeny! :)

Her shares her middle name with my mother, her great-grandmother. :) My mum made the dress Katelyn is wearing 32 years ago as part of a layette when I was expecting my first baby. Many other babies over the years have worn the cardigan, booties and shawl from the layette-but the only other to have worn the dress was Katelyn's mum.

9 grandchildren in 8.5 years! Cristian & I wouldn't have believed it 10 years ago if you had told us that we would have 9 grandchildren to love & cherish!
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