Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Buffet: Battered to beautiful!

Remember this baby? Back in September I commence a little makeover on the first piece of furniture that His Lordship & I ever bought together (more than 20 years ago).

Lovely in her day, she became a little dated. Her orange based timber stain was like a middleaged woman who was still trying to wear the same makeup from her teenage years ( you all know what I mean right? ) and her gold/brass drawer pulls had seen better days.

She had been hidden away-kept from public view. Yes, I HAD become ashamed of her! Now-as I have grown to appreciate my own middle age I decided that I should bring her firmly into THIS century.

This is her now:

A coat or two of homemade chalk paint,a little wax, new drawer pulls and she's ready to strut her stuff!
We have had a wall pulled down to enlarge our dining area ( pictures of that process in another post) and she is now the star of the room!

How about you? Have you given any furniture a makeover and a new lease of life?
Oh-and apparently this is the 100th post on this blog!!!!!!!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday's musings....

Hello there friends.

Yes, I am still here.

It has been a time of reflection,renewal,renovation and release for me & mine recently.

I have felt less the need to reach out ( hence the lack of blogposts) and more the yearning to observe. I am in my 45th year and have learned by now that when I get such desires I need to obey them. Eventually, a frisson will pass through the emotional me and once again I connect.

Much has happened here over the past 7 or 8 weeks since my last post-and I will gradually fill you all in on what has changed around our home & garden.

In our family situation, we have sadly had to say goodbye to two treasured family members recently- an uncle who was in his 88th year and our beloved dog ( who was in his 11th year). Both losses leave voids in our hearts-but as we know, death is a part of our lives.

So, in I am enjoying the sunshine and assorted noises which signify a lovely spring day.

Tomorrow, I shall again enter the fray of this existence we all share and once again appreciate the days I have been gifted.
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