Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gonna wash that grime right outta my hair....

Those of you reading along at home will remember that a few weeks ago I made soap for the first time ( using the recipe from here: ).

Yesterday I made up my own shampoo using offcuts from that soap. I shaved some of the soaps to tidy them up before packaging as Christmas gifts. Then I took the shavings, placed them in a jar and added around the same quantity of boiling water. A bit of stirring to dissolve the soap and I had my shampoo!

I know that there are posts elsewhere about using the soap just as is without diluting it-but I find I like the sensation of applying the liquid onto my scalp.

I used it this morning and it took the salt and grime from my day at the beach yesterday clean out! As someone with ridiculously sensitive skin I am really pleased with this lovely soothing soap-which is clearly multipurpose!


  1. good to know! I have all my ingredients here for making the soap, and shampoo was going to be my next challenge

    I like the idea of having a liquid to apply to your scalp - look forward to trying this - thanks for the tip

    Sharon Maher (from DTE facebook group)

  2. No problems Sharon-glad to be of service! I'm sure someone on DTE has already posted along these lines, but I hadn't seen it(hadn't gone looking TBH!) and decided to see what happened when I had the shavings!


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