Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mumma Bear....

Recently I was involved with a recipe swap held over at  the Down T oEarth Forum. We were placed in a group of 4 or so people-and you then posted the same recipe to the other people in your group.
 I used two of the recipes I received over the weekend-as we had a houseful of people for a couple of birthdays. One was a recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes and the other was for a chocolate cake...nom,nom!
I *may* have turned 45.....5 years to go until 50! How did that happen?
We also had a friend's daughter staying whilst her parents were away and she happened to turn 13 whilst she was with us. I offered to bake her a cake & cook a roast lunch ( which ended up being for 14 of us!) and she promptly requested a chocolate teddy bear cake!
Ergo I give you Mumma Bear! :)
Sorry about the dark photo...and the fact that I haven't got step by step photos...because I just decided to wing it after she showed me a pic from the Net.
The eyes & nose are actually plastic teddy bear making supplies purchased really cheaply locally.
Oh...and I'm a little excited that one of my DIY projects has been featured over at Kammy's Korner.!

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