Monday, June 11, 2012


Saturday morning saw us driving more than 3 hours with our 5 year old grandson in tow to Melbourne. We were going to visit our middle daughter, her husband and our 8 week old youngest grandson and decided to meet at Costco.

This was a first visit for His Lordship and I; as non-residents of Melbourne we have never seen the need to pay the $60 annual membership in order to go in for a look. However, our daughter & her husband are members and can take a visitor each in, so we made the most of it!

As it was 11am Saturday by the time we got there it was incredibly busy; however we still managed to spend more than 2 hours there! Some of the products are no cheaper than we could buy elsewhere-but some items were much cheaper!

For example- I bought a 12.5kg bag of Bakers Flour for $9-99 and a 5litre bottle of white vinegar for $2-39-which is what I usually pay for 2 litres!

We ended up spending $100 on items which would normally cost around $150 locally-even when buying generic items.

We have calculated that by visiting Costco twice a year when in Melbourne to see our family we will be able to save a substantial sum-even taking into account the annual fee. We will be able to buy in bulk items which we use every day-what about you? Do you bulk buy for the savings?


  1. We LOVE Costco! We are in the U.S. and have 4 kids and our nearest Costco is only about 20 minutes away. We shop there once or twice a month. It is much cheaper than the other stores in our area.

    1. Kate- I was just talking about Costco with a friend of mine yesterday! Despite the long drive for us it is definitely worth it a couple of times a year for the savings-the less we spend on essentials, the more we have for items....or mortgages!


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