Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's fridge.....

Forgive me, it has been two weeks since my last Friday's Fridge  ( apologies to any offended religious sensibilities- although non Catholic I love the idea of confession!).

A quick post because I have to drive to town for the car to be serviced-and to do some others tasks I have been putting off....would much rather spend all day home in the garden!

Today's Friday Fridge has pork belly, bacon, salami, eggs, pumpkin, cheese, milk, yoghurt, sourdough starter, green tomato pickles, carrots, celery, homemade pea & ham soup and spicy eggplant relish-oh, and some leftover lemonade. Not in the fridge, but defrosting is some casserole beef.

Ergo-tonight's meal will be Slow Roasted Pork Belly with roasted vegetables ( we have a friend coming for dinner).

Snacks for the weekend will probably be lemonade scones...

Saturday Meals:
Breakfast-grilled cheese with relish or chutney
Lunch- Frittata
Dinner- Slowcooker sweet Beef Curry with rice

Sunday Meals:
Breakfast- Eggs Anyway
Lunch-Pea and Ham soup with sourdough bread
Dinner- Homemade pizza or Fridge forage!

How does your Friday fridge look?

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