Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday thrift......

My husband had an early start this morning-so last night I organised a packed lunch for him to take: homemade biscuits & chicken splitpea curry. Both items were leftovers frm the day before-so instead of him spending $10 or so for lunch, it has cost very little. It is rare for him to buy lunch these days-and at up to $50/week saved our bottom line is healthier for it!

By baking/cooking bulk meals, costs are kept to a minimum. For example, the chicken splitpea curry used two chicken breasts, a pack of yellow split peas and 3 cups of chopped vegetables with a can of chopped tomatoes. Cooked in the slow cooker whilst I was at work, this effort has provided us with 6 meals ( 3 serves each)

The biscuit recipe is fantastic ( and cheap-we like cheap!) because once you make the dough you can store it in the freezer until required. When you find yourself hankering after a sweet treat ( or those pesky in-laws drop in unannounced!) you can remove a roll of dough and in less than 20mins you have fresh biscuits!

What hapens in your family? Do you buy lunch or do you enjoy taking a packed meal from home?


  1. Hi
    Have just stumbled upon your blog via Down to Earth.
    I am interested in your split pea casserole and was wondering if there were any other ingredients added like flavourings, water etc.
    I am really enjoying your writings.
    Thank you

    1. Welcome Trish. :)

      The split pea casserole recipe was on the back of the pack-so I can't remember quite what spices I used! I'm sure that I would have used curry paste and there would have been onion.....I will have to chek the next pack I use! :)


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