Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deezy does denim.....

I've been wanting a new bag for work-something servicible, nothing pretentious and of a fabric that can be thrown in the washing machine easily.

Often when trawling the net I came across references to reusing od denim jeans-and surprisingly enough I have one or two pair which I have * ahem* outgrown! Even being on a bit of a health kick (read getting up at 6-30 every morning to walk dogs with husband and feeling smug for the remainder of the day for exercising!) I know that I will NEVER wear those babies I dragged out the trusty sewing machine, pulled out the pants and slashed at them with scissors!

Now I haven't sewn regularly since our kidlets were small (said kidlets now have children of their own) and would have to be described at best as an "impatient" seamstress......BUT my mother has taught me how to use French seams and I'm sure that she will be very proud to find out that I resurrected that knowledge.....

First, cut your crotch..of the jeans that is! Keep the legs as they will become the strap....notice the bit of bling?

Take each leg and cut down both sides of one of the side seams-these pieces will be stitched together at the raw ends giving you one long piece-turn right sides together and stitch a seam ( remember that you will need to turn the "tube" right side out-so don't make it too narrow!)

The "tube" being turned:

Then if you are feeling fancy, try a little French! For the bottom seam of the bag, keep the right sides of the fabric facing out and stich close to the edge:

Then turn the bag inside out and stitch again close to the previous seam...voila! a French seam!

Attach the strap to the bag and you are set to go! You can shape the bag to suit by adjusting how you stitch the bottom seam and the bag comes with pockets for phone, keys etc....

Thought I'd throw in a photo of the workplace supervisor!


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