Monday, May 28, 2012

House or home?

We have been living in this house for 18 months. We bought the acre block of land and built the house to suit us ( as much as possible within our budget)-I love living here and call it my "pinebox" house...I'm not leaving here unless it's in a pinebox!

This is the 4th time we have built a house. It was never planned that way-just how life has panned out. Our last house never felt like home. People would visit and ooh and aah and say how wonderful it was, but to me it never felt like our sanctuary.

This house however is home. As we planned our build I dreamed of laughter filled meals around our dining table-of children playing in the rooms, of quiet times where I sit with a cup of tea and just be.

I realised over the weekend that it has become the home we dreamed of and craved.We had 22 family and friends here on Friday night to celebrate our grandson's 4th birthday and our home was warm and nurturing on a cold late Autumn's Eve.

 I am a moderator on a home building Forum and feel sad sometimes as people post about how they are searching for the "WOW" factor; how they have to have this "statement" piece or that particular product-no matter what the cost! Each and every one of these people is actually planning to impress others. They are more concerned about what others will think of their house than they themselves will FEEL living there.

For me, of course I appreciate it if you admire my decorating,but-most importantly I want you to feel relaxed and welcome in my home. I want you to feel that you could sit at our table to laugh and chat all day-and that when you leave our home you feel relaxed and refreshed.

What about you? House or home?

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