Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh so orange.....

It's been a busy day here.  Late autumn as it is, it was a magnificent sunny day as we had parrots, galahs, corellas and magpies wheeling around overhead. A perfect day for some DIY fencing...105m of 900mm wire netting to be exact. Which takes around 500 netting clips-applied by yours truly. I am no longer considering a career change as a fencing poor hands! His Lordship & our son did a great job stringing wires and hammering fencing staples-all in order to keep next door's pest of a dog out so that our hens can free range through the orchard!

As well as fencing, a touch of baking has also been on the go. I sliced into one of the heritage variety pumpkins which had been harvested a few weeks ago......I have never seen a more orange pumpkin!

There was only one thing to do-make Orange Pumpkin Cake! I haven't made this cake for years and we have really enjoyed revisiting it's moist lusciousness this afternoon!

For dinner we are having fresh trout-caught by afore mentioned son and baked with orange en papillotte....mmmmmmm.

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