Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday thrift.....

No bright ideas here today-just good old fashioned planning! I see a lot of people these days rushing to and fro, wasting time and money because they haven't put any ( or adequate) thought into what they need to do.

We live some 20 kms from town; if I'm taking the time to go in then I want to get as much accomplished as possible to get value from the 40minute round trip-no forgetting the milk!

Planning is invaluable in the garden-you need to plan what to plant when and where....whether it's for vegetables ( to ensure you are growing them in the correct season!) or planning when you want ornamentals to put on their display! If you plant tomatoes in the middle of winter in our colder clime you are doomes to failure! Equally, you want to avoid gluts-there are only so many cabbages you can eat in a week! Staggering the planting means you can harvest over a longer period.

Even around the home, planning is imperative- if you wash the kitchen floor and then spend a couple of hours baking, chances are that the floor will need another wash! Better to plan on baking and THEN cleaning!

I like to set myself a mental challenge when I'm performing tasks around the house- I ask myself in what order can I do things to get the most accomplished in the shortest amount of time. By spending that couple of minutes planning I tend to get a lot done-and usually have a reasonably tidy home!

Any planning tips to share?


  1. Some great ideas there! :) I love challenging myself how much work I can get done in the time the kettle takes to boil, or something on the stove or in the microwave cooks. It's amazing how much you really can achieve in 5 minute lots, and then it doesn't feel like as much work!

    1. Hi there Cassandra-thanks for taking the time to drop by!

      I find that I never have to "dust" the house because whenever I am on the phone to someone I'm merrily wiping away! :)


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