Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Thrift....

I've had a tough couple of weeks with illhealth and work committments. Also, our youngest daughter had some complications with her pregnancy, but happily I can announce that on Tuesday July 3rd at 1-15pm our first granddaughter, Isabelle Tamsyn was born. It was a tough labour, requiring a forceps delivery and Isabelle needed a little assistance to commence breathing as the cord was wrapped around her neck a couple of times. However, mum & baby are now doing just fine! :)

Today's Thursday Thrift is based on leftovers. Obviously, leftovers are thrifty-but how do you present them so that they appear to be a totally different meal? Last night we had what I call Mexican Chicken Bake.

On Monday night we had a spicy chicken casserole which had simmered away in the slowcooker all day-served over a bed of rice that night it was a lovely meal for a cold winter's night.

Then last night I used the leftover casserole & rice to fill 8 tortilla wraps-which I rolled and placed side by side in a lightly greased baking dish. A jar of salsa oured over the top, cheese sprinkled over that....and voila! Mexican Chicken Bake!

I cooked it at 160c for 25 or 30 mins-just until the wraps have crisped around the edges and the cheese has browned. Served with a homegrown salad, it was perfect!

There is also enough left for lunch today!

PS: Sorry, no photos because we ate it before I thought of photos!


  1. Congrats on the new baby, life will be busy for a wee while I suspect. Being a grandmother is one of the greatest things in life. x

    1. Thanks Lynette. :)
      We adore our 5 grandies! Little Miss Isabelle isn't sleeping very well at night at the moment, so her poor mum is a tad bleary eyed!


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