Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday thrift.....

Today's Thursday Thrift relates to the old boy scout motto : " Be Prepared". I am laid up at home with the flu-for the first time in 7 years I've managed to pick up a virus which has given me a head full of mucus, temperature and a cough that's scaring the dogs!

Needless to say, work is out of the question-and as the industry I work in pays casual rates, that means that I shall have no income for the 4 days I miss...which brings me back to the Boy Scouts!

When we built this house I was totally in love with our pantry-it is HUGE! I had always planned that once the orchard is in full production the pantry space will be full of fruit filled jars, neatly lined up on the shelves. I already have some jars of chutney and relishes, and they will be enjoyed this week on fresh homemade sourdough bread.

Our pantry has also been stocked with Baker's Flour, pasta, tinned goods and other bits & pieces-which means that although my income will be down ( I'm not well enough to get to the supermarket anyway!) we will still eat very well. The freezer is stocked and tonight will be pea & ham soup with some of the sourdough currently rising on the hearth of the wood heater.

So, it's although not the end of the world a week of illness could have caused real issues for me, but by being pantry prepared I can concentrate on recuperation without stressing about groceries.

Now, where has that hot lemon drink gone?


  1. Hi Deezy - these are the times that we can be glad of the 'stockpile' we have!

    And thank goodness you do have that stockpile cos as you say the last thing you feel like is taking a walk round the supermarket!

    Hope you pick up - unfortunately I still have a lingering annoying cough from my cold 2 months ago!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Having a well stocked pantry and freezer is a godsend. We quite often (about 3 times a year) just eat out the stockpile to boost our savings, and if you have been frugal and stocked on things at good prices you should eat very well. Take Care x.


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