Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reporting for duty....

Yes,yes...I AM still alive! Thanks for those of you who wondered!

I have just been having a season of blogging laziness self-reflection and busyness-as you do at times.

Much has been happening-of our darling chickens we collected back in January only one ended up being a once they started with their juvenile crowing the boys went back! 3 Welsummer pullets took their places though.

We have been reconfiguring the vegetable garden and edging the beds-after the dry Spring and Summer we had a little Autumn rain has us enthusiastic again! I promise photos in the future....just as soon as I find the camera!

The interior of the house continues to be "tweaked"- His Lordship asked last night why I was rearranging the house when it wasn't Spring! See previous comment about photos.....

Our family continues to grow-with our middle child and her husband expecting their second baby in early November. Grandchild number 6 on the way!


  1. Good to see you back Deezy, and congrats on the coming no6 Grandie

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lorraine.


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