Monday, May 6, 2013

Vege out.....

This weekend was a productive one for His Lordship and I-we finally managed to finish laying out and edging the vegetable garden beds as we have been planning for waaayyyy too long. In recent times we have been too busy on weekends to get anything done-so this was a satisfying couple of days!

 The centre section of beds gives us 10 large beds with pathways to access all. We also have deep beds running along the boundary fences-these hold the blueberry bushes, asparagus crowns ( more to be planted this year), rhubarb and will also have raspberry canes ( I have to replace the ones we had after they were drowned due to water flooding from next door last year-our neighbours have done some drainage work so hopefully that issue is resolved!).

Above: Standing in the Eastern corner with our home just showing on the left. The covered bed in the bottom right of the photo is one of our 3 raised strawberry beds.

Above: Looking to the left ( North) as you walk through the gate. Chicken shed in the background, with chickens wandering through the orchard.

His Lordship and I also took the opportunity to head across to Port Fairy and walk around Griffith Island and stop at the lighthouse there. The walk is a comfortable hour long trek-and this time we spotted 6 wallabies, a number of raptors-plus a lot of shearwaters ( mainly the dead ones!).

We live in a gorgeous area and taking the time to act like "tourists" in our local towns is not only a refreshing recreational activity, but is also nice and frugal too!
How about you-what thrifty activities do you have in your area?


  1. We're on the coast too and can visit Penguin Island and the area around Point Peron, it's good to get out and have the wind blow the cobwebs away,
    Garden looks fantastic too btw

    1. Hi there Sue-our place is 19km inland but is so convenient to a number of places. On the way back from Port Fairy we drove through Tower Hill-a dormant volcano which is a great place for spotting wildlife. It's a favourite place for a walk or picnic lunch-as long as you don't find fighting off the ever hungry emus!

  2. Hi Deezy. We absolutely love Port Fairy! So many lovely walks around there.

    We often drive to Port MacDonnell about 20 mins, Nelson 30 mins or just drives through the pine forests! It's good to do these local things as a couple.

    Love all your garden beds. They'd make rotation planting really easy!

  3. Hello Sandra!

    We are yet to make our way to Nelson & Port MacDonnell-when we stopped off at the Blue Lake last year we discussed staying in MOunt Gambier for a few days and doing day trips from there.

    Rotation planting is on the agenda-I'll plant out a heap of broad beans mainly to be used as green mulch as part of the rotation planting. :)

  4. Hi Deezy,
    I am just down the road from Tower Hill! Love walking on the wharf and beaches at Port Fairy too, especially after 'escaping' Melbourne 1 1/2 years ago:-)

    1. Welcome
      Loretta-don't we live in a beautiful area? :)


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