Friday, May 17, 2013


This is my morning walk......
Overnight it has been raining-a week's worth of wet weather now. The 7 days prior had been warm- a glorious Indian Summer. The two combined have caused plants to celebrate-to deepen their colours and burst into growth.
I step from the patio and stop to smell the roses....
After crossing the regions of the backyard, I enter the vegetable garden-on my left the newly planted raspberry canes ( yes, I braved the weather yesterday to get them in-dedicated or delusional, I'm not sure which!)
I check on the two beds planted with seeds- the one in the background has been laid solely with broad beans; after harvest these will be used as green manure for Spring planting. The bed in the foreground has had peas, spring onions, lettuce mix, black Kale & red pak choy planted-you can see the divisions roughly laid out by the stakes & scrap pieces of wood.
Onto the orchard gate-where the Committee Of Management await. They worship me as Bringer of the Bucket-as it is I who brings the scraps they so desire!
Follow the Great Bringer of the Bucket girls-quickly now, displease her not!
Oh leaving are you? Well, we have this lush section of damp, worm ridden soil to, please excuse us if we don't follow you back. Have your people call our people and we will see what we can do about chatting another time ..........maybe....................
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Love that you have chooks! It is my dream to have some in my backyard one day. Yours look happy and healthy.

    PS: I'm hosting an Antipodes giveaway and hoep you will enter:

    1. Thanks for popping in trishie-our chooks are happy and healthy...and very entertaining! :)

      I shall have a look at your giveaway-thanks for the invite! :)

  2. Yes, I have chook envy too! I have the space, just not the time or manpower to get my (already purchased and still in the box) coop up. Maybe in 2023?

    The rain has been lovely, hasn't it? I love this time of year with the break of the season.

    We are heading into Victoria this weekend to Lake Ratzcastle for an overnight camping trip.

    Cheers - Joolz

    1. Hi there Joolz- our henhouse was erected before the house was even started! :)

      Have a great trip-we are off to Melbourne for the weekend. :)

  3. As much as I have been enjoying the summer that didn't want to end, the rain has been very welcome for the garden. Your roses look magnificent, and I love all the variety in your chook yard - "committee of management" totally cracked me up!!

    1. Hi there,

      I'm sure that anyone who has ever been on any community committee would understand why I call the chooks the " Committee of Management". ;)


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