Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chicken yoga....

Our friend's baby has been given an interim diagnosis of Benign Neonatal Sleep Myoclunus  ; which is a great result after the stress they have undergone this week.

This morning sees little spots of green breaking the soil where I sowed seeds the other day. The rocket, lettuce and Asian greens are all showing their heads ( so to speak!) and to keep them company, I bedded in 18 odd cabbages today-made up of a mix of savoy, red & drumhead varieties.
 The peas are also swelling and sprouting....
 Some of the ladies are taking serious steps to ensure that they stay in fine form this winter-no battle of the bulge for Roxy as she takes up a form of yoga!

Some of the other girls should perhaps take some pointers..... I'm looking at you Lucy!

Whereas Twinkle has her mind on other some privacy please!


  1. I read through the medical link and I think my son did that as a baby for the first 6 months or so of his life! It was like a jerky "tic" down one side of his body and I used to wake him as I thought he'd bang the arm or leg on his cot and hurt himself. Sometimes he'd cry out and I'd find him all trussed up like a roasting chook in his bedding and I'd have to untangle/unwrap him. I just thought he was a restless sleeper and tucked his bedding in a bit tighter! He's 23 now. Love your yoga chooks :).
    Cheers, Robyn xo

    1. Hi Robyn-I have no idea what the range of seizures are like for the diagnosis...all I know is that little Ava's entire body was involved. They were severe enough for the Air ambulance to fly her into Melbourne ( 3 hours from here by car)when the local hospital was worried. Hopefully the test results yet to come will be clear and she will just grow past these "sleep seizures". :)

      I could spend hours watching our chooks-they are such characters!


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