Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday's musings....

We spent the weekend with one of our daughters and her family-they live 3.5 hours away and we drove over so that they could go out for dinner without their one year old..... For The First Time!
As they are expecting their second later in the year, this may be one of the few times they get to go out and "be grownups" together for a while!
My parents met us there for a daytrip-they are 2 hours from our daughter's home & 3.5 hours away from us. We all took our grandson to the park and four generations of our family had fun together-with the older males all trying chin-ups and climbing a rather large tree- with varying degrees of success I may add!
I have such a satisfying sense of continuity when we have multi generational outings like this-how lucky are our grandchildren to know not only their grandparents-but also their great-grandparents and in the case of my husband's grandmother, great-great grandparent? There is every chance that these grandchildren of ours will live into the 2100's-and they will have memories of someone who was born in 1918!
It is for this next generation that we decided to buy this land & build this home-when our grandchildren visit here they are in contact with the soil and animals which provide food. They help with baking-and eating. As the years go by, without realising it they will be gaining knowledge and skills-and more importantly to me...memories.
We had a casual drive home-stopping at whatever took our fancy along the way ( stuffed camel anyone? I kid you not!) and arrived home to land that is finally taking on a verdant hue after the recent rain.
No photos I'm afraid- I was too busy enjoying our time. :)
This morning sees MORE rain-deep and soaking. The plants are no longer dusty and seem to turn their faces towards the sky and glory in it's gift.
I am working indoors this morning, housework; then this afternoon I will head into work for a few hours. Today, I am content.
Gratuitous chicken shot of one of our older hens Betty:


  1. We've had good rains over the weekend and this morning. Contentedness feels good, doesn't ?

    1. Sure does Joolz. After all the striving of our early lives, it is so calming to finally know what it is that makes me happy. :)

      As a 25 year old I always had this feeling that the years would between 30 and 40 would be wonderful-and they were. Yet now that I am nearly 45 I have realised that what has come before has allowed me to be who I am now.


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