Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love the living....

 I awake-yet again after a sleepless night. I tossed, I turned, I pummelled my pillow ( and nearly His Lordship-snoring like a chainsaw!) and I lay mind racing through the dark hours of the night.

Finally I slept for an hour or so and when I decided to climb out of bed found that my planting plans for the day would have to be put aside. Since last Sunday ( and after the driest 6 months on record) it has rained....and rained some more. I haven't been this excited about a puddle since my waters broke in the middle of the shopping centre with our middle child! To much information? ;)

Instead of planting more seeds for winter greens , or laying out  the raspberry canes which arrived yesterday I have muddled around the house. Washing is done, kitchen cleaned and linen closet tidied.

Now I am sitting in our newly rearranged living area-which has become one of my favourite spots to sit. We have added a large floor rug; which has lead to adding more blue in the room. Plus, His Lordship and I bought a lamp-not just any lamp though...... we bought Basil!

His Lordship has never shown one iota of interest in homewares-so when I hinted started musing aloud that I thought we needed to find a new lamp for the living room there *may* have been a touch of eyerolling on his behalf!
Imagine my surprise when we both spied this gorgeous owl lamp at Adairs in Melbourne and he ACTUALLY said that he LIKED it! Now imagine the little happy dance performed in public when we found out that it was 30% off (me-not him....His Lordship only ever dances on the inside...) !
Why Basil I hear you ask? His lordship is a fan of Fawlty Towers ( Classic British Sit-Com) and the day before had followed me around the supermarket saying " Basil.... Basiiiilll......Baaaaasssil"  ( after I had put a bunch of basil in the basket) to mimic the wife Sybil from the series.... Fawlty Towers
Ergo-our new household member has been named Basil to remind us off the weekend.
Here he is in the living room with it's new touches of blue-and under the supervision of our cat Houdini..... the red spot on the floor is Houdini's favourite toy!


This is the room a month or so prior-an improvement no?

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