Monday, July 29, 2013

Pictures, Progress and Planning...........


A few random photos from around the place this morning....

Water kefir & citrus cleaner brewing on the bench

Our first crop from this Meyer lemon tree

Sir Bebe le Pew keeping an eye on the Bringer of the Bucket

Roxie-our 3 year old Isa Brown


I feel warm just looking at this pile
We have been having rainy periods interspersed with sunshine-perfect for the garden! In here you will see 3 varieties of cabbage, kale, pak choy, rocket, mixed lettuce and peas. In the background you can just see the broad bean plants.
Vegie garden coming along nicely

Another view
The rear of our home faces North East-which is fantastic for passive solar principles in the Southern Hemisphere ( the opposite applies for those readers in the Northern Hemisphere!) and is why we chose this block & this house plan.
From day 1 a timber pergola has been planned for the area outside my husband's study window-it is a large window and the winter sun that streams through helps warm the living room which is just behind the study.
The concrete pad has been in position for nearly two years now...and we have finally saved up enough to buy the timber! I'm hoping to have it up by Spring...and will be growing a grape vine over the top.
As the grape vine is deciduous it will shade the study window during the warmer months and give us a lovely area to sit and enjoy our BBQ's; then in the winter the sun will be able to do it's job of helping warm our house....and of course fingers crossed we will have grapes to eat as well!
The concrete pad waiting for the pergola to provide summer shade 7 winter sun...has been here for two years.

Showing the site of the planned pergola in respect to the house. The covered are you can see in the background will eventually be enclosed as a year round family room-it comes straight off our kitchen dining area.

No idea why blogger has turned this plan! The red lines are where the beams will be-a grape vine will be grown over the top of the structure.


  1. You seem to have things well planned out, Deezy. It should be great once it is all finished. I just love that lemon tree. Ours has been in the pot waiting for hubby to plant it out for about two years now!

    I have had the same problem with Blogger rotating the photos. I did a Google search to find out what happened and it seems to be an issue with a setting on your camera. Not sure if that is right though.

  2. Chel I have had the overall plan for this place organised from the time we bought the block- it will just take time for the dream to turn to reality! :)

    Lemon trees thrive with woodash thrown around the drip line-plus this one is in a very sheltered area and the brick wall soaks up the heat of the day and then radiates it out at night.

    As for the photo-it's not got anything to do with the camera as all the photos are taken with my phone! One of those mysteries. :)

  3. Wow, your vegie garden looks magnificent!! And I love all the variety in your chooks as well... I will definitely be branching out when it comes time to augment our flock. And don't you just love passive solar heating and well planned house design! I'm so glad we made that extra bit of effort.

    1. Thanks Cassandra-the vegie garden is getting there! We have plenty of space to grow what we want and my plan is to use a rotational bed planting scheme. At the moment I need to get more straw & manure to layer on the beds laying fallow.

      I'm a big proponent on passive solar- in this day and age I can't understand why any house would be built without thinking about designing to maximise it's potential! :)

      As for the poultry-well, I'd love some ducks at some point....maybe even this year. :)

    2. "Wow, your vegie garden looks magnificent!"

      It does, doesn't it Cassandra!

      "I'm a big proponent on passive solar- in this day and age I can't understand why any house would be built without thinking about designing to maximise it's potential!"

      It's madness, isn't it Deezy? With respect, I think people build houses for the wrong reasons. Sure, they need a shelter over their heads, but houses are much more than that now. They are chosen for their aesthetic, size, number of bathrooms.

  4. Houses can be chosen for both IMO- our house plan was chosen to provide the space required for our family and friends ( with just our children, their partners & offspring there is 15 at any gathering...then you have to add the older two generations we still have....) but in a way to maximise the solar gain. Our house was built by one of the volume builders as we had a specific budget requirement and as we have a mortgage it has to meet certain requirements....however, by thinking about things we sourced and appropriate plan and then tweaked it further. It's not perfect-but works well for us. :)


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