Monday, July 22, 2013

Piece of pie....

I'm not the type of person who copes well with being housebound....actually, being housebound is OK-it's being housebound on restricted activity that sucks!I am NOT sulking around at all. 

I've been wandering the yard, assessing and planning-yet not able to turn a single sod. Patience Dee, patience!

I am able to cook though-and after a slowcooker beef and vegetable casserole the other night had enough leftovers to put together a family sized pie-which should do His Lordship & I for two or three meals ( depends on how much he scoffs at each sitting!). Plus I made enough pastry for another pie-which can stay in the fridge for a few days. :)

Fats rubbed into flour

Dough ball-notice the largish smears of fat.

Dough ball divided into 4 and placed in fridge

Rolling out the base-see the fats?

Rolling onto the dish

Ease into dish to fit

Fill with COLD filling

Roll out another disk, top pie and crimp edges together. Pierce top with fork a few times to allow steam to escape

Finished pie with flaky, crisp pastry.

Pastry recipe:

4 cups Plain (all-purpose) flour
1 cup lard (cold)

3/4 cup butter (cold)
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 egg
1/2 cup very cold water

Add flour, butter, lard,  and salt to a large bowl.

Mix flour, butter & lard with a pastry cutter until it looks nice and crumbly. In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, egg, and water. Add to the flour mixture, stirring in till well-moistened. Knead lightly to mix in all the flour then shape it into a great, big, wonderful ball of pastry dough. (Don’t overhandle.)

Divide evenly into 4 pieces, flatten slightly ( makes the disk easy to roll) and place covered in fridge until ready to use.

Fill as above and cook in preheated 170c oven for 45-60mins.


  1. Just wondering where you get your lard from, Deezy? That pie sure looks nice as it is nearly dinner time. I hope you are improving despite being on restricted activity!

    1. The pie is very nice Chel- I *had* to test a slice earlier and the pastry melts in your mouth.. I think hubby will be happy tonight. :)

      Our local Woollies has lard in the same area as the other fats..but I've also got a small amount from a couple of pork roasts we've had recently.

      We do have a Direct to the Public bulk butchers locally-and I intend at some point to contact them to see if I can get unrendered pork fat from them.

  2. I always used lard when I first started cooking in the Stone Age, it went out of fashion but is unbeatable for taste isn't? Your pie and the photos are wonderful. mmmm

    Be patient, Little Grasshopper, so soon you'll be swimming up and down the pool again and doing triple somersaults off the top diving board ;)


    1. Yes mum! ;) I may even throw in a triple back with pike just for the hell of it! ;)

      Pastry made with lard is simply divine......His Lordship is quite replete this evening. :)

    2. Thanks Deezy. I wonder if the lard would sit on the hips though. LOL! Sounds like the pie tasted great.


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