Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cash for clutter....

There are a few items around here that are no longer being put to good use-the trampoline is a case in point. Although not yet 3 years old, the safety net & pads had basically dissolved in  the weather! We had bought it for the grandkids to play on when they are here-but the reality is that when they visit we tend to be in the garden or around the corner at the playground when weather permits outside activities. 
His Lordship was all for throwing it out-but the frame, springs & mat were still in good I did something that I have never done before and listed it for sale on a local online buy/sell Facebook page. I sold it the same day (yesterday) and the couple came & collected it today-it's going to a house full of is sure to get a good workout! :)
I've also now listed my desk as it's no longer used and is sitting in the garage gathering dust. I used to do a lot more work at home and since I've stopped doing so and started using my laptop more the desk has become redundant.
It's this one here (bought at Harvey Norman a while back-this photo is from their site) and although it is gorgeous I'm happy to now sell it and use the money to buy more plants for the garden!

How about you? Have you ever made money from a cull of unused or unwanted items?


  1. Love that desk, Deezy! Actually when I was in the Post Office waiting in the queue today I saw a book on how to sell on eBay. I wasn't close enough to grab it and have a look but I wondered how hard it was to sell unwanted goods although I have heard they do charge a lot to sell. I have only really sold unwanted goods at Garage Sales to be honest.

    1. We've only ever had one garage sale & did OK-but living out here it's not really an option. My daughters have sold on ebay-but I decided to give this local option a go & so far so good! I've got 3 people interested in the desk at the moment-so fingers crossed. :)

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