Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's tip.... has been a *little* while since my last post hasn't it? Welcome aboard to the new followers. :) It's been very cold & wet here for the past few days-so not much happening outside other than collecting eggs & picking salad greens! The snow peas have just started to form and I have had the first asparagus spear ( which was eaten raw before I made it back to the house..).

I've had the all clear from the surgeon and have returned to work & also some activity. His Lordship & I are also changing some of our eating habits-aiming at a much cleaner and vegetable/salad based diet. We both love meat but will be scaling back our portion sizes!

One of the tips I have for anyone out there looking for a quick way to cook lean meat/chicken is to use a sandwich's handy for more than quesadillas & toasties!

Make sure kebab ingredients are similar in size for even cooking
Lower the lid and cook until ready.
Shoo household wildlife away.
Actually human I am bored with your culinary efforts-bring me my meat!
Last night's dinner- lamb loin chops with grilled tomato, cauliflower mash & home grown green salad with a yoghurt & sweet chilli dressing.

Anyone else have other uses for household appliances?


  1. Nice to see you back here, Deezy. I wouldn't have thought to cook kebabs in the sandwich maker. Do they take very long to cook? I really like my meat well done and have a slight paranoia about 'rare' meat so would probably overdue it. Glad you are recovering well.

    1. They don't take long-and were cooked all the way through. I used it tonight to cook some herbed chicken thighs..pounded them thin before marinating and then they only take a few minutes to cook because they get heat from both sides. :)

  2. Hooray for the all clear and welcome back!! What a fabulous idea for a sandwich press - we only just bought one a couple of months ago, and I will definitely be giving it a try! I used to make yoghurt in my slow cooker before I bought an easiyo... the trick is remembering to turn it off and on for about 10 minutes every hour to keep the temperature even. But it did make good yoghurt!

    1. Hi Cassandra- I've got an easiyo and find that it's brilliant in the warmer months but over the winter I have to leave it near the wood heater to get a good result...which isn't an issue... I just have to remember! :)


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