Monday, November 5, 2012

Perusing the property.....

Some updated photos of the productive area of our acre:

To the Eastern side of the vegie garden ( neighbours shed under construction in the background)

To the Northern side-this side is being allowed to lie fallow until next season. We have layered manure & straw-which will be turned over in 6 months or so. You can see the chicken coop-the chooks are allowed to freerange through the orchard during the day and are locked up at night.
I've netted the strawberry beds today- there is a lot of fruit and the birds are starting to show an interest!

We have a broody hen at the moment- Miss Millie is in a "fowl" mood! I'm not sure how many eggs are under her-there is at least one. I've decided to let her sit and see what eventuates!

Our rooster-Sir Bebe Le Pew!
Miss Betty doing some of her best posing!
As I was wandering around this morning I found this nest-and not far away from it this broken blue egg. Now I have no idea whether it was blown down during the storm last night or if the ravens have raided it and dropped it. I have sprayed it in case of mites etc and will find a home in our dining area for it I think.


  1. Your garden beds look wonderfully productive!! I have one of those broody types at the moment, however as we don't have a rooster, or want any babies, she's been sin-binned until she snaps out of it! I can't wait to see if yours hatches anything :)

  2. Strangely enough she decided after sitting for 10 days that she was no longer interested-she is the eldest in the flock, so maybe she decided that she didn't have the energy! I checked the eggs and they were fertile.

    We have been in the process of rejigging the garden beds-we set t hem up two years ago when we first moved in and have recently tweaked them. We will be able to allow one or two beds to lie fallow each season-after dressing them with manure & straw.


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