Thursday, November 1, 2012

Planting & planning...

It's a mid spring day here and we have had a blast of wintry weather! I've been a tad slow to get much in the vegie garden going this season ( work, work, work-it soooo gets in the way of life!)-so I scheduled this morning to remedy that. It has been too wet & windy to head out with the camera-so it's words only today I'm afraid!

In the ground went 4 zucchini plants ( I LOVE zucchini!), 8 chilli seedlings and assorted lettuce seedlings. They have joined the rocket, basil & tomato seedlings ( which were direct sown a couple of weeks back), whereas the onion & parsnips have been doing their thing for a while now.

Fruit trees are looking good and the strawberry beds are just about at the point of being netted from the plethora of birdlife we have in residence! Raspberries & blueberries are starting to set fruit and we have already had some of the rhubarb & asparagus this year ( not together though!).

We are having Christmas here this year-so I'm planning to plant enough salad greens to provide for the 25 or so people who will be here.

How's your garden growing?

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