Friday, February 10, 2012

A day to dally....

Today finds me with a day to do as I like-I have had a long week at work, putting in more hours than I normally do and really needed today at home...well, at least half of it!

We are having various family members staying over this weekend-my brother; our son, his partner and their 3 boys plus our youngest and her partner will be here as well! So a quick trip to the supermarket saw me nab a couple of fresh chickens marked down to half price ( they had to be cooked by tomorrow) and they have been roasted-together with fresh vegetables from the garden everyone will be fed! I've now got the carcasses in the slowcooker to make stock for soup which will be made later in the week.

I've also freshened up some sourdough starter-I'll make the dough tonight, leave it overnight to raise then bake in the morning when I make the scones for cricket.

Yesterday I tried a garlic braid for the first time-I kept it small as I had already prepared most of the harvest for storage in a lined basket I have. Next year I think I will braid more!

At the moment my kitchen bench has citrus cleaner brewing ( thanks to Nellymary for the "recipe" ) and tomatoes ripening-the kitchen window faces North-East, so is a lovely spot to catch the sun and in the winter brings warmth into the house. The window looks out over the backyard towards the orchard and is one of my favourite places in the house!

There are moments when you know exactly WHY you have made the choices you have-and this photo is one of them! Grandsons devouring freshly harvested sweetcorn...fresh from our own garden!

I guess the whole point I'm trying to make in my roundabout way today is that no matter how much or how little time you have each day, there is ALWAYS an opportunity to do something ( no matter how small it seems) around your home which will nurture yourself and those around you!

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