Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feathered friends.....

Part of my aim is to build up a flock of old variety hens. We did purchase 3 Isa Browns ( Ruby, Roxy & Rusty) last year for their egg laying ability and they haven't disappointed! We also have a Buff laced Wyandotte ( Millie) and today I have purchased 3 Gold Leg Bar pullets ( Lexie, Lucy & Lucky). They should start laying just as the 3 Isa Brown girls go into moult.

Bringing them home caused much excitement-for the cat as I carried them through the house in the carry cage, then for the dogs as I continued through the backyard...and finally for the four resident hens!

Ruby in particular ( she considers herself Head of the Henhouse) was VERY vocal-even to the extent of coming over to stand at my feet, looking up at me with much chagrin ( well, as much as a hen can muster!) and squawking rapidly at me! I sort of interpreted it as : "WHAT have you done? You have brought strangers into our midst! We've had a perfectly good setup here and there was no need for you to go making any unauthorised changes- I mean, what? Aren't we good enough anymore?"

I think you get the idea!

She then strutted over to Lexie ( who is 17 weeks old, the other two are 12 weeks) and started squawking directly into HER face. Lexie cocked her head, listened and appeared to say: " Meh, you seem to have an issue my dear. I however, am a tad peckish. Excuse me whilst I scratch and peck."

Which she happily proceeded to do-leaving Ruby quite confused! Ruby then strutted back over to the other 2 Isa's to tell them how she had given the newcomers "what for"! :)

Perusing the bedroom

Hmmm...what do I have here?

Lexie (middle) meets the welcoming committee.

Ladies- I don't think I like your tone!


  1. Brilliant! Introducing new ones is always, interesting! Janie x

    1. It sure is! The funniest thing was tonight as they were all jostling for roosting of the new girls had decided that she was snuggling up next to Millie. Millie had decided that there was a snowflake's chance in a hot place that the usurper was getting so close! There was quite a bit of noise and posturing-then they appeared to settle...................until Millie stretched out a leg and kicked her off the roost!


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