Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday's Work.....

Much has happened since my post last week-it has been a time full of love & laughter for my family with our second child and eldest daughter marrying her long time partner!

They are expecting their first child in a few weeks, became engaged on Christmas Day and decided to surprise their family and friends with a Wedding! We only found out a couple of weeks ago-after they had planned and booked everything!

Much to our pride, they decided to keep the whole day intimate and on a budget, with the groom and his attendants wearing clothes they already owned-whereas the bride purchased her gown at a clearance centre! Smart couple!

Normally on Wednesday's I have the day off (although I do have to go into work for a few hours this afternoon)-so it becomes a day where I plan to complete chores or anything necessary for the running of the home.

On today's list were the following:

* Cook dogfood
* Make laundry powder
* Wash clothes, towels & linen
* Harvest whatever is ripe
* Make soap
* Prepare homemade sourdough pizza base for dinner

As I type this post at 10-30am local time, all of the above bar the soapmaking is completed. Before I started the day I mentally ran through how I could most efficiently use my time.

First I sorted the laundry and put a load of washing on.

Then I made the laundry powder ( using my food processor to whizz it all).

Hung out 1st load of washing and put 2nd load on.

Put dog mince in stockpot, with pasta,covered with water and set to simmer.

Then shredded vegies & garlic for dog food in cleaned food processor and added to stockpot.

Removed sourdough starter from fridge.

Hung out 2nd load of washing and put 3rd on.

Took scraps up to chooks and harvested apples, corn, tomatoes and zucchinis.

Hung out 3rd load of washing.

Prepared harvested vegies for storage.

Turned dogfood off.

Added flour etc to sourdough to make pizza base and set it to rise.

Washed dishes and cleaned benchtops.

I will still have to soap to make & dogfood to store once it has cooled, but in around 2 hrs I completed all the above tasks-which leaves me enough time to sit with a cuppa and computer! :)

Tonight when I get home from work I will put the pizza in the oven whilst I bring the washing in and the day's work will be done!

As I was working in the kitchen I decided to take some photos of a "working kitchen"-because the reality is that preparing food etc is a messy business!

I think many people are actually put off by the aesthetics of messing up their kitchen these days- we build beautiful homes and all the magazine shots show pristine, clean kitchens! Mine can look like that too.....but not when I'm using it!

Below: Work in progress!

To finish today's post I woud like to share a photo of the happy couple!


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