Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thrift..........

I've decided to start a regular post: Thursday Thrift. Now the idea is that a thrifty idea will be shared on a Thursday ( See how the name evolved? Deepthinker I am! ;) ) With a semi self- sufficient lifestyle, all ideas/actions & activities which minimise spending our hard earned cash become of great interest!  Feel free to email me your ideas or leave a comment below!

My first Thursday Thrift post is about an item which has become indispensible in my kitchen.  A relatively small object, it's original purpose has NOTHING to do with culinary activities whatsoever! This little piece of plastic transformed itself one day when I had a particularly difficult pot to scrub-despite much soaking the *ahem* slightly brown ( OK- burnt to a cinder!) food residue on the base was refusing to budge! I was contemplating the cost of replacing said pan.....

I cast my desperate gaze around the kitchen and my eye fell upon a foreign object-would it? Could it? I contemplated it momentarily before deciding Meh! I had nothing to lose!

With little hope I started to scrape and scratch at the *ahem* slightly brown ( Ok,OK-burnt to a cinder!) residue-when to my amazement my new implement started to remove it all!

With my pan restored to it's former shining glory I cradled my new found friend and placed it with reference in the second drawer.

I give you.....................a wax comb! Yep, my daughter's wax comb from her surf board had been left on the bench (grrrr...) and has now be commadeered into my kitchen parphenalia! These little beauties cost but a few dollars at a surf shop ( and can also be purchased online), have a curved end ( handy for scraping around the pan), a tapered side ( perfect for scraping off * ahem* slightly brown food residue!) and two sizes of comb ( which really scratch off anything attached to the pans!)-to say nothing of the fact that they come in many colours and can therefore be colour matched to your kitchen scheme ( if that sort of thing is important to you!).

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