Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's musings....

We have just spent a tough week coming to terms with  the death of a dear friend's 15 year old son. He died whilst bravely trying to rescue a friend's dog from an oncoming train.

Obviusly our grief is nothing compared to that of his family. They bravely organised a touching farewell for him and now must face a future which he will not walk with them.

One of the things which this last week has reminded me of, is the importance of not becoming TOO self sufficient emotionally. In times of sorrow, you will need those around you who can support you, who can understand that your heart feels as if it has been torn in two-that NOTHING will ever be the same.

It is so easy in these days of technology to become disengaged from real life, to become insular and emotionally distant. Please, make the time to connect with those in your life who are important.

The week has also made me focus on how busy I have once again become at work-leaving less time for the home. I have had to readdress what work hours will be suitable for me to work for the rest of the year.....I want to work around 12 hours a week-this money will be utilised for some small projects around our home plus a couple of trips for His Lordship & I. We have spent so many years putting everyone else first that it's nice to plan some activities for us!


  1. Oops, sorry I was having trouble commenting. I wanted to offer my condolences. Such a sad time for family and friends.

  2. Thanks Rhonda, it is a hard time-but with support and understanding life does go on. Now that the "busy" time of organising the funeral is over, reality has to set in and the grieving process will truly start.


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