Friday, March 23, 2012

Vaguely vacillating.....

I've just finished a post about how tired I've been this week due to treble normal work hours and His Lordship "suffering" with a MAN cold-and the ether ate it! AAARRRRGGGHHH!

So here goes again..probably a more truncated version now..

Despite the workload this week, I've still managed to get through most of the jobs I had listed in my head at the start of the week. Instead of the daily schedule I had planned, I've just done what I could when I've had the energy!

As I posted yesterday, the dog food was made and the chooks dosed with a mash. I've also got some homemade ginger beer started ( the plant anyway) and made some caramel fudge as a treat. Meals have all been homemade-although to be honest I would have happily resorted to takeaway last night!

This morning we had some straw for the garden delivered for the garden at 7am. I have spread horse manure over the top soil shifted by His Lordship last weekend and the straw will be strewn across to create mulch.

Even when busy outside the home, it is possible to live a self sufficient lifestyle, using skills which the corporate world would prefer us to forget!

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