Monday, April 9, 2012

Routine ramblings....

Wow, long time no post! One of our daughters has been contracting in early labour for over 2 weeks now-with no progression! This has meant we have spent a bit of time at her place ( 4 hrs drive each way..) for moral support. At this oint in time she will be having a C section later this week if there is no progression. Mum & baby have been monitoring well, although mm is a tad tired!

Easter saw us welcoming visitors and we had a relaxing few days together-complete with a visit from Easter Bunny for our grandsons who were here.

At times like these our normal routines get thrown out of whack-and it can be far too easy to slip into the convenience of consumerism.....and I will admit to a couple of takeaway meals recently! :)

However, I am pleased that I'm still managing to continue with some of my self sufficient principles. Currently one of my slowcookers is filling the kitchen with the tantilising scent of pasta sauce-using up the last of the season's tomatoes. I have pumpkin seeds drying on the kitchen bench and some tomato seeds soaking in water to be drained & saved for next season.

Also on the kitchen bench is a jar of lemon peels & white vinegar-infusing the next batch of citrus cleaner. I get a sense of satisfaction now when our son & his family ensure that citrus peels go into the jar!

We have also bought a whole lamb from one of our neighbours-slaughtered and dressed for $100-much cheaper /kilo than buying from the supermarket or butcher!

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