Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Locovore lifestyle?

I've never consciously been a locovore-I enjoy meals at restaurants and other eateries too much to be a true locovore! However this morning I realised that when at home we tend to live a locovore lifestyle-limited perhaps, but steadily increasing.

You see, our breakfast this morning consisted of homemade sourdough bread, spread with yoghurt cheese, topped with tomatoes and thinly sliced roast lamb drizzled with homemade tomato sauce.

 Every ingredient in that breakfast was cooked or grown in our street! Admittedly the flour for the sourdough  and the milk for the yoghurt come from a supermarket, but the bread was baked in my kitchen;as was the yoghurt which was fermented then drained into the labnah . The tomatoes, onions and garlic for the sauce were grown in our garden; whereas the leftover roast lamb was from our neighbour two houses down-we bought one of the lambs they reared in their backyard over the summer. Next year we will be rearing a couple ourselves.

Having enjoyed this feast left me feeling satisfied for the rest of the morning- I had a few busy hours at work to get through. The satisfaction was in both my body and soul-because once again I realised how easy it is to provide for need to be dragged in by the vast corporations demanding that you spend,spend,spend!

Sometimes I am disheartened by the number of people frantically working, sharing little time with their families and neglecting themselves....and then a moment will occur that leaves me smiling and full of hope for the future! This mornings breakfast was one such time and another was the message I received this morning from a friend who is collecting some chickens tomorrow for her backyard!

Those chickens will bring a lot of pleasure to my friend and her family-plus they will provide the lovely homegrown eggs they will enjoy!

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