Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thrift..........

I've been MIA lately due to a heavily pregnant daughter-but I'm baaaaaack! :)

This week's Thursday Thrift topic is tortillas. Yep, basic, easy to eat and use tortillas! These little beauties can be made yourself or bought at a reasonable price from the supermarket-whichever floats your boat!

I used tortillas this week for a Barely Burritos meal...I used leftover slowcooked lamb curry from the night before. I placed the curry in the middle of tortillas, folded and rolled them before placing seam side down in a greased pan and sprinkling with cheese. Baked in a moderately hot oven for 20 or so minutes until crisp, they hit the spot perfectly!

I've also used a sandwich press at times to make quesadillas with tortillas-another thrifty and satisfying meal! Tortillas also make great "crisps"-cut up, sprinkled with seasoning of choice and baked until crisp in the alone or use with your favourite dip....yummmmmm.


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