Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sufficiently slow..

The morning sun is shining through the kitchen window and the jars of green tomato pickle are cooling on the bench. There are scones freshly baked, washing drying in the breeze and we have enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast-eaten outside alfresco.....there may be better starts to a Sunday; but I doubt it!

Yesterday was spent mainly in the garden- His Lordship mowing whilst I pulled out the tomatoes and harvested pumpkins. The tomatoes yielded enough ripe fruit to make 4 jars of pasta sauce and 3 kilo of green-which has provided us with 6 jars of spicy green tomato pickle.

I was musing yesterday and what constitutes "sufficient"..or "enough". I had read an article which was discussing some millionaires and whether or not they were satisfied with their accumulated goods. I was saddened to read that the vast majority of those interviewed for the article never felt satisfaction-they were always feeling as if they had to buy something..a boat,car,house, jet.........something,anything.

I'll settle for breakfast in the sun thanks!

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