Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thrift..........

Today's post brought to you by.......nope, it's not a sponsored post-but it is because of ALDI!

I know, I know-anybody who enjoys a thrifty,frugal and sensible ( if you ask me! ;) )lifestyle already KNOWS about ALDI. There have been blog posts beyond count about that place......but, yesterday I found something there which got me very excited!

TaDa! I give you....the MINCER!

This baby is cast iron, comes with three blades and a sausage making attatchment-all for the princely sum of $14-99 AUD! I' ve been wanting to make my own sausages for quite some time, but baulked at the cost of buying a mincer. Happiness in the household today!

The idea is to produce sausages which resemble a food product-unlike the filler filled offerings from the local supermarket! The "gourmet" versions are quite expensive-so the plan is to learn how to make something which is tasty and cheap!

All hints gratefully received......

Watch this space!


  1. Ooooh I am turning green with Envy.... We have Aldi in Holland.. but they don't run the same deals... I'll be on the lookout to see if it's coming to an aldi near me... lol.. if it is, I'll be joining you in mince and saucage making.

    1. Becca- I was very excited to see it! I wasn't actually looking at the bits & pieces because I was so focused on getting my groceries! Then when I did happen to spy it I couldn't believe the price! :)

      Fingers crossed that you find one too.


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