Sunday, September 22, 2013


Just quickly popping in with an update.

* Today we divided our back section ( 40m x 13m) into 3 yards using star pickets and stock wire. We have two meat lambs coming tomorrow and we will use the 3 yard system and allow them to strip graze one section before moving into the next and so on.

* I've planted a Lapin Cherry tree, a peacharine, 8 white carpet roses and some variegated grasses. Plus sown carrots, radishes, beetroot and some more lettuce.

* My employment has been insanely busy-but I'm off to a professional conference in New Zealand next week and will go over a couple of days earlier for a few days sightseeing first.

Back soon. :


  1. Enjoy yourself in NZ, Deezy. I hope there aren't any rumblings while you are over there.

    1. I'm hoping that Queenstown won't shake,rattle & roll! The weather forecast is for top temps around 8c though..... currently packing thermals & polar fleece! :D


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