Thursday, October 27, 2011

Domestic Deeva...........

I'm quite the Domestic Deeva today! That's Deeva with two "e's"-see what I did there? My name's Dee ;) Gosh but I'm funny sometimes! :-)

I've made a massive batch of biscuit dough, split it into 4 and put 3 in the freezer. Note for young players: When adding flour to wet ingredients, do NOT turn the mixer to full speed immediately! Yep, we had a flour cloud in the kitchen! You'd think that after all these years of baking I'd be beyond making a newbies mistake...........nup, still managed it.

I've also cleaned the windows along the back of the house-a very considerate husband of mine had been mowing and edging. He managed somehow or another to get grass clippings all over the windows ( maybe a similiar situation to my efforts in the kitchen today...) .......nothing a wet broom and elbow grease couldn't fix.

I also whipped up some more laundry powder, so my tin is now full. I think there's enough there to last at least 6 months! 8-)

My other effort today was to start on some homemade Christmas decorations. I'm taking part in a "Thrifty/Frugal Living" Christmas Decoration Swap-you have to make a decoration for someone else doing the challenge and post it to them. Maximum cost is $ far I've created the following decorations:

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