Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cream,cinnamon and continuity....

When I couldn't get back to sleepafter 4-30am this morning I decided to be productive instead! Last night I'd freshened some of my sourdough starter ( Edie), so as well as baking some more bread I also made a sourdough cinnamon cake...mmm...!

To a cup of the sourdough was added warm water, flour, bi-carb, sugar and cinnamon and this was mixed to a batter and place in a greased & lined square cake tin:
In another bowl I mixed some flour, butter, honey,sugar,cinnamon and rolled oats into a thick paste:

The paste was spread over the cake batter and baked for 35mins at 170c

Yumm is all I can say! :)

The two cuties below are our two elder grandsons Zane (on the right) and Angus); they are enjoying a treat my grandmother used to give me: fresh bread spread with jam and whipped cream. I love the sense of continuity this picture brings to me-my grandmother passed away 23 years ago, yet at moments like these I feel her beside me still. I hope to develop that sort of relationship with my own grandchildren.


  1. Your cake looks wonderful, I love my sourdough baby, but have never tried a cake.. if you would care to share, what are the amounts of the ingredients, I would love to try this..

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I'm trying to find the recipe I used online again and can't seem to! Will let you know as soon as I do.....

    2. I based it on this recipe:

      I didn't use raisins or nuts and for the topping substituted rolled oats for nuts & mixed the topping woth the butter to make a paste rather than dotting it over. Didn't bother with the glaze either!

  2. I grew up on jam and cream on Dad used to have it most nights if mum hadnt made a 'proper' dessert....I still see him sitting there, cutting it into triangles at the head of the table...such a great memory of him..simple, but so lovely.


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