Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A piece of peace....

Now that I'm the other side of 40 I've found that there are times when I realise that I am truly at peace. These moments can be anywhere, anytime. They are moments when I feel so deeply part of the world around me...they can be when I am lucky enough to be gazing over a still, blue ocean on a warm summer's day-or when I hold a grandchild and they nestle their head into my shoulder. These moments make me  truly realise what the word " blessings" means....

It has not always been this way-many years have been endured where I thought that I had to strive and work and achieve in the eyes of others. Now though, I finally understand how to

Tonight has had one of those moments. His Lordship and I spent some time in the food garden digging up the potatoes we planted some months back with the help of two of our grandsons.

A cool breeze was teasing away the heat of the day, the corellas wheeled overhead and a group of 7 black cockatoos winged their way across the sunset. Life could not be much better than it was at that moment. Him, me and our life.

I thought that I'd also post a couple of photos of the bread created from my sourdough starter:

Below is the breakfast His Lordship had the next day:

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