Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sweet,sweet sugar....

This season has been as relaxed as we could hope for! We are both back at work this week, but have enjoyed the seasonal break catching up with family and friends!

Last week, one of the Down to Earth Forum members posted a link to homemade sugar scrub-now, I have made this and salt scrub myself in the past......but this time I was intrigued to realise that I could make use of the leftover Christmas Candy Canes ( other than adding them to my hips that is!).

I crushed the candy canes in a blender:

Then I added some olive oil until I was happy with the consistency and voila! It is a pretty pink,peppermint scented sugar scrub!:

We also have celebrated our youngest grandson's 1st birthday. Unable to be with him on the actual day of his birthday, we celebrated here a couple of days later with some family (including his 93 yr old great-great grandmother!) and a cake I made for him:

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