Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doggone it.....

Two of our family members are of the canine variety and as such a portion of our food bill belongs to them! In recent years we have been purchasing a "chub" variety to add to their dry food each day. One of the dogs ( His Lordship Turbo) has very sensitive skin and must eat all natural food with no artificial additives-otherwise he has skin reactions requiring medication!

Above: His Lordship Turbo on the left, and his subordinate Indy ( aka Potter!)

Today we purchased 6 kilos of pet mince ( $2-50/kilo) and added it to 2kg of pasta ($1-20/kilo), 2 kilo of shredded zucchini ( homegrown), 2 kilo shredded carrots ( homegrown), 1 head of minced garlic ( home grown) and 1/2 jar vegemite ( $2). Boiled up in a few litres of water it made 6 weeks worth of wet food for the two dogs ( 1 cup/dog/day in addition to the dry food).

Considering that we were paying $6/week for the wet food this homemade version is quite a saving!

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