Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sourdough and salve........

Over the past few days I've commenced two sourdough starters ( I had to start a second after the cat ate the first one......) and made calendula salve. I have a yeast intolerance, but can tolerate REAL sourdough I'm very keen to become successful at sourdough baking!

I've wanted to make the salve for years and a few months ago planted a number of calendula plants purely to do so. I was then pleased to find a post on a few weeks back about how to go about doing so!

So back in December I started infusing the petals in olive oil on my kitchen window sill, then strained the oil through muslin to remove th epetals leaving me with a lovely golden oil:

I melted some pure beeswax in a bowl over a pot of simmering water ( because I don't have a double boiler!):

Next I mixed with the slightly warmed oil, giving it a whizz with my stick blender to emulsify it:

This salve is thick and a little goes a long way-it smells slightly of honey due to the beeswax. I applied some to my hands earlier and they feel wonderful!

Sourdough starter:

There are many options on the net to peruse if you want to try a sourdough starter-this is the one I am trying which I found on the Down to Earth Forum!

Day 1: Mixed 50g wholemeal flour with 50ml rainwater-forgot photo! :)

Day 2 : Added 50g wholemeal flour with 50ml water. Starter already bubbling and looking "spongey". Definite sour smell.
Day 3: Add 100g white flour and 100ml rainwater. Bubbly but looks wetter. Smells like slightly off milk.

Day 4: 200g white flour plus 200ml water added-very wet and looks like pancake batter. Smells yoghurty.


Tomorrow I will remove most of the starter, leaving 100g; to which I will add 50g white flour with 50g rainwater.

The starter I remove I will attempt to bake some bread with!


  1. Hi Deezy,
    Can you explain what you will do with the starter now that you have added the white flour and water again. Will you store it in the fridge to use later and if so when you want to cook again with it do you need to go through the whole process again? Just one other thing. How do you know how much starter to use for a loaf of bread? This is all so new to me but I'd love to try to make sour dough bread.
    Blessings Gail

  2. Hi Gail,
    I do store my starter in the fridge and feed it 1/4 cup flour & 1/4 cup water weekly if I'm not doing much breadmaking. :)

    The amount of starter used for breadbaking depends on the recipe used...I try new ones all the time ( google is your friend!) If I haven't baked for a while I will take the starter out of the fridge a day or so before I plan to use it and feed it 1/4 cup each of flour & water over a couple of days to give it a bit of "pep". :)


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