Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's musings....

After a weekend where we ending up accomplishing more than I thought we would, I am comfortably perched on our couch watching the closing ceremony of the London Olympics-and thoroughly enjoying it!

I love the British ability to poke fun at themselves and add a touch of whimsy to supposedly serious events. I mean-Mr Bean in the opening ceremony and Monty Python in the closing! Gold!

Around the abode we have had a busy weekend-commenced with picking up the 5 & 4 year old grandsons Saturday morning after swimming lessons for a sleepover. We then made a day of it with them-visiting their great-great grandmother, having a picnic lunch down at Lake Pertobe and generally allowing them to run....and run....and run! Got to tire the blighters out somehow! ;)

We took them back to their parents Sunday morning-after a 3 am visit from the 4 yr old, a 6 am wakeup from the 5 yr old and me giving in at 6-30 and getting up with them! Yep 4 hours sleep works for me... *rolls eyes.

Grocery shop on the way back here, then His Lordship dragged out the whipper snipper whilst I stayed inside and made a sourdough pizza for lunch, dog food in the pressure cooker and then got the urge to do some rearranging......

Lamps have been swapped, vignettes created and areas generally tweaked-all in all a good days work!

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