Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why white?

What is a girl to do when she wants to update her dated, but very solid bedroom suite and there is no room in the budget for such a purchase? If she is of a self sufficient mind set she reaches for the paint pot.......

Our bedroom suite was purchased around 14 years ago-and has stood us in good stead. It has scratch marks from dog claws, tooth marks from teething grandsons and has been a place of love and comfort. Many lifechnaging discussions have taken place in that bed-so needless to say that emotionally I am quite attached to it.

Unfortunately, I felt a tad blerghhhh when I looked at it! It was just lacking "something"!

A couple of coats of an all purpose stain blocking undercoat, followed by 2 coats of Dulux Natural White later and we have a faux French Farmhouse vibe goin' on! It feels fresher-even His Lordship is liking it... :) I was going to paint the bed itself-but at this point in time I've decided to just paint the other bedside table and live with it for a while.

I've now got my eye on our halltable-it may also get a white out!

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