Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday thrift.....

Recently our 4th ( in April) and 5th (in July) grandchildren were born-we are loving being grandparents in our mid means that we have enough energy to keep up with the kidlets!

Anyway, being quite the doting grandmother; I wanted to make something for each of the grandies that would be unique-but also affordable!  I ended up deciding to create a framed "artwork" of their names. I chose scrapbooking paper, printed out their names in a font from the computer and then placed that over the top sheet of paper. Cutting around the printed letters with a sharp craft knife created the names in the top sheet-with a contrasting coour underneath the names then "popped".

Note to young players.....lightly tape the computer print out to the top sheet of scrapbooking paper ( on the non-visible side!) to ensure it stays put. Makes it MUCH easier to cut around the curves....don't ask how I know, I just do! ;)
A frame each from one of the bargain shops and voila!- cheap and cheerful gifts!

I can't find the photos of the 3 for the eldest boys, so I'll just show the two youngest's. :)

Any other cheap and cheerful gift ideas out there?


  1. Always lovely to have something hand made i think, they look lovely.

    1. Thanks Samantha- something a bit different for them!

      I currently watching the closing ceremony-wishing I was in London! XX


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