Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday slow...........

For the first time in many weeks His Lordship and I had the whole weekend at home-which saw us spend yesterday pottering around the house and yard, tidying and rearranging.

Then the afternoon I spent baking as we had arranged for the MIL and GrandMIL ( she is 94) to visit today for afternoon tea. I relished the chance to spend time in the kitchen cooking a coffee cake, triple choc muffins, blondies and some tomato, feta & pine nut tartlets.

Below: Used a muffin tray for the shortcase pastry tartlet shells
Below: Mr Oliver's beans helping with the blind baking
Below: Filling ingredients being prepared whilst tartlet shells bake
Below: Filling ingredients artistically arranged
Below: Egg mix carefully poured in
Below: Beautifully baked. ( Humble aren't I? )
Below: Tarlets as presented-greenery on plate and finely chopped sundried tomato & feta sprinkled on top.
Below: Another angle because I think they looked good! ;)
 Below: Blondies...mmmmmm.
Below: His Lordship's favourite Coffee Cake.
 Below: Triple Choc muffins
Below: Not much in the way of floral material here at the moment! A branch snipped from a couple of the natives shoved in a jar with the sole rose available, then a length of ribbon wrapped around the jar and Voila! centrepiece!
 Below: Setting the table

 Below: Cutlery shoved in another old jar
 Below: Nom,nom,nom!
I enjoyed the chance to bake and set the table. We had a lovely relaxed afternoon and thoroughly cherished the tales that GrandMIL shares with us.
How was your Sunday?


  1. Yum!!! Are you able to share the recipe for the blondies. I love making brownies but blondies would be nice for a change.
    Today we went to see some seals, noseyed in some display homes and then came home to cook a roast chicken

    1. I love a good peek in display homes-but after building 4 times His Lordship has to be dragged kicking and screaming! ;)

      75g chopped unsalted butter
      300g white choc bits

      * melt together

      90g caster sugar
      2tsp vanilla essence

      *whisk well together

      1 1/3 cup SR flour
      200g white choc chips ( or half choc chips/half slivered almonds)

      Add egg mix to melted chocolate and mix well. Mix in SR flour, then stir through choc chips and/or nuts.

      Scrape into a lightly greased and lined lamington tray and smooth top.

      Bake at 175c for 20/25mins until there is a firm crust ( the centre will still feel very moist)

      Totally cool in tray, then cut into pieces and dredge with icing sugar.

  2. Whoa you have been busy!

    I have had a lazy day today, hubby is away so nice and quiet :)

    The food all looks yum!

  3. It was yum Tania! We are currently discussing what we should have for dinner-we are so full from this afternoon!

    I think I'll use some of the sourdough I baked today and make us some pizza breads.......later! :)

  4. Deezy, thanks for the blondies recipe! Going to save that one!


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